SMACC is a Saudi Management Accounting program to manage business accounting fully developed by the Arab Sea Information Systems. It was developed in 1986 and released the first version in 1988, so it holds the deep understanding of the business environment in Saudi Arabia over its long history in the market and continuing to meet the requirements of the customer technical issues . This program meets every aspect of business, so it has achieved widespread acceptance as SMACC program that has over 99,000 SME’s clients and more than 715,000 users.

SMACC has also gained the trust of academic institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is being taught as a subject in accounting departments in many local and Arab educational institutes for more than 15 years. Many institutes has released a curriculum that contains the complete explanation of the program. It is prerequisite for the students of following universities to have hands on practice on SMACC to complete the accounting degree from following universities:

  • King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia
  • King Khalid University, Saudi Arabia
  • Technical colleges in Saudi Arabia
  • Al-Neelain University, Sudan
  • Alzaiem Alazhari University, Sudan

SMACC accounting program consists of several modules that includes financial accounting, sales, purchase, inventory, point of sale, HR System, payroll management and attendance manages with finger print and digital card reader features.

SMACC is the most popular accounting program in Arab countries while having branches in Sudan, Egypt, Oman, Libya, Yemen, Mauritania and India. And having customers globally including United States, Singapore, China and India.

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