SCRIBES is an enterprise resource planning system which is an integrated package of systems that includes dozens of applications developed by the Arab Sea Information Systems and is dedicated to managing and planning the resources of medium and large enterprises. It was developed using Microsoft's global technologies and Oracle that works on local networks on Windows.

SCRIBES ERP is scalable system with ease of use and maximum data protection and user security to keep the data fully secure and safe. SCRIBES ERP is cloud based system so that you can access it anywhere in the world.

It also enables department managers to obtain data, reports, queries, future plans and estimated budgets based on previous data.

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  • Customer and sales system
  • Suppliers and procurement system
  • Cost centers system
  • Branches and regions system
  • Fixed assets system
  • Futures system checks
  • Budget estimation system
  • Stores and warehouse system
  • System of multiple units and currencies
  • Contract issuance system
  • Manufacturing and production system
  • Personnel System
  • Protection and powers system
  • Screen designer system
  • Reports designer system
  • SCRIBES is developed for all types of industries including

  • Service industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Software & Technology
  • Trading sector
  • Construction
  • Container company
  • Installment companies
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Optical Sector
  • Medical sector
  • Petrol sector
  • Auto Sale Section
  • Pharmacies

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