Microsoft and Arab Sea are transforming the Saudi Accounting System into the digital cloud
Media Center November 22, 2016
Microsoft and Arab Sea are transforming the Saudi Accounting System into the digital cloud


Riyadh, 21 of November, 2016: Microsoft Arabia Corporation has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with the Arab Sea Information systems company to develop and transform the Saudi Accounting System directed to the small and medium companies (SMACC) into Microsoft Business Cloud Platform “Azure” in order to develop the corporate business environment.

Many partners of Microsoft Arabia Corporation and Arab Sea Company attended the ceremony held in Riyadh. They have discussed the future of leading and developing small and medium businesses in KSA, and the mechanisms for their development and ongoing support provided to them through transformation into the Cloud Platform.

Engineer Samir Noman, President of Microsoft Arabia, said that Microsoft Arabia supports KSA in the implementation of the national transformation plan 2030 through providing a fertile and suitable environment for the sector of small and medium companies through the solutions provided by Microsoft for the business sector. In addition, the partnerships made between corporations and local Business developers, such as the Arab Sea Company, contribute greatly to achieve the desired goal.

He added, “The expertise of the Companies developing Information Systems and Applications, such as the Arab Sea Company,  serving small and medium companies in the fields of Financial and Administrative Systems constitute one of the core fundamentals to support the small and medium sized business sector. Which in turn constitute the main axis to support States’ economies.

On his side, engineer Abdulaziz Al-Khalifa, the managing director at Arab Sea company, said that the company has sought over the past period to keep working with Microsoft Arabia because of its advanced technologies and systems that can develop Business systems and leadership. It provides a suitable environment supporting the attitudes of this sector perfectly. Alkhalifa added that the company shall support Arab Sea company plan to supply the global market with its systems and to provide customer service through providing its services jointly with a trusted partner to host their data in the Microsoft Cloud “Azure”.

The Arab Sea has introduced the new version of the SMACC Cloud program earlier this year at CeBIT exhibition in Germany. The program supports 13 different languages. The company looks forward to access the global markets with its Saudi Digital Accounting System and to increase the number of its customers that exceeds 64 thousand customer now.