Arabian Sea with the expectation “improve” the distribution in the Arab Republic of Egypt

Within its plans to achieve non-proliferation and the arrival of its products to more number of users signed Arabian Sea firm agreement with the company – “upgrade” – Systems and Information Technology, one of the media spectrum range in the Arab Republic of Egypt companies, whereby the “upgrade” the distribution program – fishmonger – within the Republic of The Arabian Egypt. The agreement is part of a strategic cooperation between the Arab Sea Information Systems Inc. “upgrade” of the systems and information technology and plan the nucleus of similar agreements in the future, including e-government systems and resource planning systems major and medium-sized companies.

In this context, Mr. Hesham bin Mohammed Alsuhibani, General Manager of the Arabian Sea Company for Information Systems, said that this step is check the company’s expansion goals and the deployment of their systems and programs for the greatest number of users, and take advantage of transversion experiences with the ancient and related entities a long history in the market to be close users of our products and raise the level of services provided to them. D.arza Abdul Aziz, Chairman of the Group “upgrade” – Egypt has also said the group was honored with this partnership and cooperation, and you see the beginnings of a precursor of many cooperation programs during this phase and will seek all efforts to provide service and support desired and hoped for clients fishmonger and provide better advanced services to its customers in collaboration with Sea Company Arabs.