“Arabian Sea” predicted conservation services agreement, registration with the “trading”

The Saudi financial market «trading» with the Arab Sea Information Systems agreement to provide custody services and registration in the market for the trading to provide management service and registration of properties the company’s shareholders and includes the preservation and maintenance of the register of shareholders, the transfer of ownership between the shareholders, the deposit of shares in investment portfolios, recording mortgage operations, implementation of corporate actions, such as increasing or decreasing the capital, public associations management services and electronic voting, get reports record shareholders electronically, as well as automatically querying properties of shareholders.
The agreement was signed by «trading» Khaled horse general manager of asset services, deposit and on the Arabian Sea Company for Information Systems Haitham Mohammed Asheibani CEO.
The importance of the provision of such services to the participating companies not included in the market, helping the company to implement the best practices for managing the affairs of its shareholders and keeping the company’s shareholders through a rights deposited with the Saudi Capital Market «trading».