Arabian Sea Company signs two agreements with two companies to Ebian

It signed Arabian Sea Systems Co. with two companies in the information the Libyan Republic are working in the field of technology to market their products at the Arab level. It was agreed with Tobakedz company whereby the second to market accounting system in the city of Misurata However Fares company for information technology and networks are also under which the marketing regime in Tripoli exclusively been reached this agreement after meetings and discussions in the marketing mechanism and the level of service to be provided to customers there. Agreement was signed by Director General of the company Mr. Haitham bin Mohammed Asheibani and the Libyan party, Mr. Jacob Mahdi Hakiq General Manager Tobakedz and Knight IT company General Manager Mr. Omar on ileus. On the other hand the company signed a contract agency exclusively to market accounting fishmonger system in the Sultanate of Oman with a smart of advanced technology systems company, and the agreement was signed by General Director of the company Mr. Haitham bin Mohammed Asheibani and Omani party, Mr. Hatem Hamoud Zadjali Sayyid Haitham bin Mohammed Asheibani confirmed that the Libyan market and Oman one of the goals set by the company and that the size of these two markets and the increasing demand for programs there. And the presence of a representative of a company the size of these companies will help to deploy and provide the best services to the clients system. It is worth noting that the company has many agents in various countries as a republic of Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait and a number of other countries, this expansion comes in response to the wishes of customers inside and outside the Kingdom.