Arab Sea Information Systems sign partnership agreements and exchange experiences with leading companies globally

Signed Arabian Sea Company for the information systems of several partnership agreements and exchange of experiences with leading companies globally.

The company has signed an exclusive distribution and with the Brazilian company Aonakorb a partnership agreement under which the parties have the right to distribute programs and partner systems in the geographical Nzagah and exchange of technical expertise and the implementation of joint projects. And Leona Corp. characterized the electronic system developed for the courts is governed by the court administration, and connects all parties Mhakmhma each computer to the network with a visual and audio communication systems and written with the archiving of documents and criminal trial evidence for each and every issue systems. The company is entitled to the distribution of Brazilian products Sea accounting and government within the Arab Brazilian company and USA South with the provision of technical support services.

The company also signed a distribution and marketing agreement with the US Office Gemini company in which both parties are entitled to the distribution partner products and support services Altffine and exchange of technical expertise in the field of information systems. The company owns Gemini sophisticated systems concerned with the management and security of electronic documents and design courses and forms of administrative processes. The Company may Jimny according to this agreement the distribution of products Arabian Sea company in America and France, and to provide technical support services.

The company also signed a strategic partnership agreement for the exchange of services with any ships specializing in information security company revealed security gaps in the banking and government business platforms and solutions provide protection against intrusion and electronic attacks.
The agreement is to achieve the goals of the system Alhmkumh Electronic and Arabian Sea products in her field.
The company also signed an exclusive agency agreement for the distribution of its products in the United Arab Emirates with Banaltk company which distributes the latest accounting within the Emirates fishmonger system and provide technical support services and training for the company represented the Arabian Sea

He has represented the company in the signing of these agreements Adel Mousa, who pointed out that these agreements come in implementation of the directives of the Board of Directors, which approved a strategic plan aimed at a global deployment with priority given to countries experiencing rapid economic growth, such as Brazil, India, China and Russia, which enhances the company’s earnings widens the spread global products and complete system of services provided by the Arabian Sea, the government and commercial sectors.