Arab Sea Information Systems

Arab Sea expectation marketing with BG Agreement

Signed Arabian Sea Company for Information Systems represented by its Director General Mr. Haitham bin Mohammed Asheibani, marketing Mashrkh Baiji Technology Agreement represented by its General Manager Mr. Ahmed Abdullah, and will be held on Tuesday, October 5, 2010 at the company’s headquarters in Riyadh. And this agreement will allow the company Baiji marketing programs and solutions to the Arabian Sea, a company such as accounting program fishmonger SMACC in all categories, and system resource management Skraabs SCRIBES and government warehouse management system GIC and other customers to individuals and institutions of civil and other sectors as well as the government sector.
And director general of the Arabian Sea Company Mr. Haitham bin Mohammed Asheibani that the signing of this agreement comes in implementation of the marketing strategy adopted by the company and the Arabian Sea that will open new markets and strengthen our relationships with our customers and contribute to the Abjad new marketing outlets allow more widespread.