Arab Sea, expanding services to provide remote technical support

The Arabian Sea Company for Information Systems lifting contact and upgraded connectivity adapters that offer through which technical support to its customers remote service lines capacity. And new service launch will begin this week, as was stated by Director General of the Arabian Sea Company Mr. Haitham Mohammed Asheibani, noting that the project has been completed all the stages that require a comprehensive change in the communication devices and service equipment and encryption systems that have become faster and more complex than enhances feature security and privacy in the provision of service.
The increased binding capacity so that it can provide adequate service for a number of clients at one time. Number of employees providing the service has also increased depending on the increase in maintenance customers who Imklon modern communications environment that allows for real-time connectivity with their devices and provide service in a way saves time and effort for customers.

He also noted that the company’s customers who have the fishmonger SMACC accounting system and Skraabs ERP system SCRIBES will benefit from improved quality of service and the new extra features without any change to the settings of contact they have.
While the need GIC system to manage government warehouses clients to reconnect adjusted by the Arabian Sea, the company because of the creation of isolated communication channel and the unity of independent technical support dedicated to the support of government business in accordance with the new structure aims to achieve integrated services to Overnmahalaketronah smoothly and efficiently with achieving full compatibility with linking systems and communications in the different sectors of government.

And concluded Professor Haitham Asheibani statement that new versions of the systems and the Arabian Sea programs are all equipped with remote support services for customers who have maintenance contracts in force.