Al Khaleej Training and Education and the Arab Sea Information Systems sign agreement to train the feminization of women’s stores SMACC accounting program

Al Khaleej Training and Education signed a memorandum of understanding with the Arab Sea Information Systems for the privilege of training interns on SMACC accounting system.
Said Dr. Khalid Abdul Razak Aldiriaan Vice President Gulf, training and education to the corporate sector that he is happy to cooperate with the Arab Sea Information Systems Inc., which offers a lot of unique programs, and fishmonger accounting is one of the leading programs in the accounting field, which we will, God willing, to training the courses SALE in retail stores for the trainees, in support of the resolutions of the feminization of women’s shops.
He added that the training system will be fishmonger Crops on the incentive to enable them to know the accounting system fishmonger to Tohlain to work in women’s shops.
On the reason for their choice fishmonger system, especially with the presence of a number of other accounting software, Dr. Aldiriaan explained that because of this program of great reputation and has achieved consecutive successes and wished Aldiriaan success of this agreement and to achieve their desired interest to serve the people of this country.
On the other hand, said Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed Al Khalifa, Managing Director of the Arabian Sea to information systems that this agreement lies in the Gulf Institute for Training and Education for the training and education SMACC accounting for apprentices system at the institute and Sqhin professionally on sale in retail outlets clothing.
Caliph and pointed to the importance of training and education program SMACC accounting since it is the most prevalent programs in Saudi Arabia, where his agents to exceed forty-one thousand clients, and the number of users more than three hundred thousand users worldwide.
If fishmonger system supported by the Technical College and teaches a core subject in all technical colleges in the UK, in addition to the King Faisal University, and three Sudanese universities, and the University of Science and Technology in Yemen.
Featuring SMACC inclusive system where covers all established requirements whatever the activity of the (financial accounting, inventory, warehouses, POS, Personnel).
Also featuring as easy to use as any user can deal with it as it does not require a specified level of education, as well as features that runs on multiple languages.
Khalifa said the labor market needs to be more than five hundred thousand jobs in accounting, employs a staff of different nationalities, and therefore we need to intensify efforts to train and educate our children on accounting systems, noting that initially will be through this cooperation with the Gulf, training and education, which is one of the largest training centers in the Kingdom, and have a long tradition in this area.
We hope that the interest accrue to all the trainees on this system and its application in all their businesses after the training.