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GIC – E-Government Solutions


Considered warehouse management important in any government facility departments, which are prone to errors and difficulties to handle in many ways, so it was warehouses and government procurement management system design GIC to be an ideal and comprehensive solution to do the work automatically in terms of conservation and management of various varieties that are imported by established suppliers and process compliance specifications, distribution or disbursed to beneficiaries in other departments within the facility.

Also taking into account that this system can be formatted and be compatible with present and future developments in terms of automated link with other government regulations or any electronic systems or any database as the government.

The system works as a main controller facilitates the movement of different varieties from suppliers to the origin and easy to see items in warehouses and the statement of amounts to be disbursed when necessary.

This system linking warehouse management and inventory control system and automated procurement system, where they can get a christening or purchase orders and a list of items, quantities and prices that have been baptized, and the linkage with the personnel system. This program is characterized by the following, for example, but not limited to: