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Warehouse management is one of the important departments in any government therefore there are chances of errors. GIC is designed to be the ideal and comprehensive solution to automate governmental processes. GIC makes every process very easy from import to supplier and distribution to other departments.

GIC developed in a way that it can be adapted and compatible with current and future scenarios. It can easily connect one government department to other departments. That's why it is a complete e-government solution.

This system works as a main control point that facilitates the movement of different items from suppliers to origin and keep record of items in warehouses and indicating quantities to be spent when necessary.

This system linking warehouse management and inventory control system and automated procurement system, where they can get a christening or purchase orders and a list of items, quantities and prices that have been baptized, and the linkage with the personnel system. This program is characterized by the following, for example, but not limited to:

  • Flexibility in accepting different varieties and provide standards for testing, and the ability to transfer items between different warehouses, and print various reports and send alerts related to the respective transfer.
  • A field inventory on a periodic basis or sudden, and the ability to make based on the consent of the authority, and control periods of inventory movements for each depot modifications.
  • The ability to deal with the receipt forms in accordance with the agreed payments, dealing with samples and donations.
  • Update cost items based on special powers, while retaining the update on the old data.
  • Calculate the cost of varieties, and to address the reign of employees automatically for the completion of operations, the receipt and expenditure and returned items.
  • The ability to numbering and classification of species, items and correct the evidence received.
  • Print all reports on the items and stock movement.

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